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 Branell Homestead 
Your ideal Sunday night accommodation!!  Imagine being able to travel back in time to the way things used to be.  When country hospitality wasn’t rare and grand federation style homesteads took years to build by hand.  To relax you would read a book, catch a fish or go for a leisurely walk around the farm to check on the cows.  When you went into your nearby country town, you would be welcomed.  People genuinely cared for your wellbeing.  Everything moved at a much slower pace and there was less stress.
When you stay with us at Branell Homestead, you will experience old fashioned country hospitality.  You will be welcomed and you might even catch a Yellow Belly or Silver Perch.  You will enjoy luxurious accommodation set in the middle of 80 acres of farmland with spectacular views out over the Lockyer Valley.  We will share our relaxed country lifestyle with you and our friendly cows will help you unwind.   Your friendly hosts are Kathy and Troy.
Ph: Kathy (07) 5465 1788
We are located at:  Paroz Rd, Laidley QLD 4341, Australia
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